Tools sharpening specialist in Montreal

Are you faced with tools that just don’t perform like they used to? Are your professional activities or personal projects hampered by dull blades?

Aiguisage CL offers you an exceptional blade sharpening service in Montreal to not only extend the life of your tools, but also improve your day-to-day work. We work on all types of tools.

Veterinary/dental tools and animal grooming

Outils vétérinaires aiguisés

We know how crucial impeccable tools are for any veterinary professional. That’s why we pay particular attention to the sharpening of instruments such as your scalpels, surgical scissors, clippers and forceps.

We use specialized techniques to ensure that your veterinary tools are always perfect, enabling you to carry out all your procedures and treatments with precision.

Gardening tools

Homme utilisant un taille-haie

From pruning shears to axes, every gardening tool we sharpen not only promises a clean, effortless cut, but also plays a crucial role in preserving the health of your plants and trees.

Proper blade sharpening minimizes damage to plant tissue, promoting rapid healing and preventing disease. Our Montreal tool sharpening service applies to a variety of gardening tools:

School tools

Coupe-Papier Aiguisé

Sharp tools used in the school environment, such as scissors, cutters, kitchen knives, paper knives and paper trimmers, are essential for a variety of educational activities.

They enable students to develop their creativity and practical skills, while learning how to handle these instruments safely. Maintaining their cutting edge guarantees effortless and safe activities.

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At Aiguisage CL, every tool is treated with the utmost care and attention to its specific function and requirements. We use advanced sharpening techniques adapted to each type of tool to guarantee optimum results.

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