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Founded on the expertise and know-how of Cédric Lévesque, Aiguisage CL stands out for its perfect mastery of sharpening all types of knives, with a focus on quality, precision and respect for the integrity of each piece treated.

We offer a full range of Montreal knife sharpening services tailored to each type of knife, respecting its unique characteristics and value.


Japanese knives

Japanese knives are renowned for their high-quality steel and precise cutting edge. At Aiguisage CL, we treat these delicate blades with particular expertise and care, using traditional techniques and adapted sharpening stones of different hardnesses. This enables us to refine the edge of each blade more precisely.

We take care to scrupulously respect sharpening angles to maintain their performance and authenticity. Entrust us with the sharpening of your Japanese knives for a traditional sharpening service that preserves their excellence.


Western knives

Our services extend to everyday western knives and professional pieces, offering sharpening that restores their original edge.

Thanks to our expertise and specialized equipment, your knives will be given a new lease on life.

Whether for professional kitchen knives or any other kitchen knife, our expertise ensures precise sharpening that respects the integrity of the blade. Thanks to our experts and our unique, state-of-the-art equipment, we can give your knives a second life, ensuring their irreproachable sharpness.


Kitchen knives

In the world of cooking, every knife has its place and its importance, from delicate cheese knives and fish knives to massive butcher knives and robust chef’s knives, not forgetting specialized knives such as paring knives and slicing knives. Each contributes in its own way to the art of cooking. Aiguisage CL understands this diversity and offers a Montreal knife sharpening service tailored to all your kitchen knife ranges.

We also take care of electric knife blades. Our expertise ensures that every knife, no matter how useful or complex, has a precise cutting edge for optimum cutting performance.


Serrated knives

Sharpening serrated knives requires special attention to preserve their cutting capacity without damaging the teeth. Serrated knives, including not only your indispensable bread knives, but also steak knives and tomato or bell pepper knives, require special care and a specific sharpening technique to preserve their shape and the efficiency of each tooth.

Our Montreal knife sharpening technicians employ carefully mastered, complex methods to methodically sharpen these blades. This meticulous approach not only ensures that the teeth maintain their optimum cutting edge, but also prolongs the life of your knives, guaranteeing long-lasting efficiency in all your cutting tasks.

Hunting/survival knives

Hunting and survival knives, essential for your outdoor expeditions, require robust and reliable sharpening. Our technicians ensure that these tools retain their strength, delivering a durable and effective edge, tailored to your adventurous needs. We prepare your tools to meet any challenge.

Pocket knife

Your faithful adventure companion deserves quality care. Our Montreal knife sharpening services restore your pocketknives to their original sharpness, adapting our technique to the specificity of each blade, for optimum performance in every situation.

Multifunction knives

Our Montreal knife sharpening service pays particular attention to each tool incorporated in a multi-function knife, guaranteeing optimal performance whether for cutting, sawing, or any other function. Our Montreal knife sharpening service covers every facet of these versatile knives. Our team ensures that every function of your multifunction knife is optimized for maximum performance.

Massicots / Coupe-papier

Nous étendons également notre expertise à l'aiguisage des massicots et des coupe-papiers. Ces outils essentiels, tant pour les professionnels que pour les amateurs, requièrent une précision et une finesse d'affûtage spécifiques pour garantir des coupes nettes et précises, essentielles à vos travaux de papeterie et de projets créatifs que ce soit pour les écoles, les CEGEP ou les universités.

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