Our Mobile Workshops for Well-Being

Aiguisage CL is actively involved in the community by participating in various sharpening events through our mobile workshops. Our engagements not only promote our services but also enhance the well-being and independence of participants. Discover the different events we take part in throughout the year.

Mobile Workshops in Residences for Independent Seniors

We are pleased to visit various residences for independent seniors.

During these visits, we offer residents the opportunity to sharpen their own personal tools, such as knives, scissors, or other cutting instruments.

These mobile workshops are particularly appreciated, not only by the residents but also by the residence authorities, who see these events as an opportunity to promote the autonomy and satisfaction of their occupants.

Participation in Festivals and Public Markets

Aiguisage CL is also present at various festivals and public markets. Among our regular events, we have had the honour of participating in the Grand Marché de Québec, a must-visit spot for lovers of fresh and local products. Our sharpening workshops are very successful there, attracting a diverse clientele who are always enthusiastic about revitalizing their tools.

Personne aiguisant un couteau

Répare-O-Thon in Vaudreuil

Each year, we are proud to participate in the Répare-O-Thon in Vaudreuil. This event, funded by the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion, encourages the repair and recovery of everyday tools rather than discarding them. It is a fantastic initiative that not only supports sustainable development but also allows the city’s residents to rediscover the importance and benefits of regular tool maintenance.

Why Participate in Our Events?

Our sharpening events are designed to be accessible and beneficial to everyone. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast looking to keep your knives in perfect condition or a community resident seeking to maintain your independence, our mobile workshops and participation in various events offer a unique opportunity to benefit from professional services right at your doorstep.

Advantages of Our Services at Events:


Our mobile workshops come to you, wherever you are.


We use professional techniques and equipment to ensure high-quality sharpening.

Community Engagement

Attending our events also means supporting a local business that is committed to the well-being of its community.

Sustainable Economy

By choosing to sharpen your tools rather than replace them, you contribute to an ecological and economical approach.

Upcoming Events

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We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events!

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