Your one-time garden tool sharpening service in Montreal

Are you faced with garden tools that just don’t cut as well as they used to? Are you increasingly frustrated when pruning branches or digging in the earth with tools that seem to have lost their cutting edge?

With Aiguisage CL you’ll never have to face this kind of situation again. We are specialists in reconditioning your gardening tools. With well-maintained tools, gardening becomes less laborious and more efficient, allowing you to enjoy the art of gardening to the full.

The types of garden tools we sharpen

Aiguisage CL handles a wide variety of garden tools, ensuring that each type receives a specific treatment tailored to its needs for maximum performance. Here’s a detailed overview of the tools we sharpen:

Personne coupant des arbustes avec un petit outil tranchant

Pruning shears

Ideal for precise pruning of branches and bushes, pruning shears must be extremely sharp to ensure clean cuts that promote plant health. Sharp pruning shears reduce the risk of damaging plant tissue, which is crucial in preventing plant diseases.

Tondeuse à gazon aiguisée

Lawnmower blades

A sharp blade is essential for a clean, even cut of grass. This not only beautifies the appearance of your lawn, but also helps maintain its health by preventing diseases that can spread through uneven, ragged cuts.

Taille-gazon aiguisé

Lawn scissors

For delicate finishing touches around flowerbeds and paths, sharp lawn shears are indispensable. They create clean, precise edges, essential for an aesthetically pleasing garden.

Pelle aiguisée

Spades and shovels

Digging in the soil with a dull spade or shovel can be exhausting. Good sharpening makes penetrating the soil easier and less tiring, improving your efficiency and reducing fatigue when preparing new planting areas or transplanting.

Tondeuse à gazon aiguisée

tondeuse manuelle

Une lame de tondeuse manuelle bien affûtée assure une coupe propre et uniforme en plus de favoriser une croissance saine. Notre service d'aiguisage de lame de tondeuse garantit une coupe d'herbe précise et efficace. Notre expertise permet ainsi de prolonger la durée de vie de votre équipement de jardinage et de faciliter l'entretien de votre gazon.
Hache coupant un arbre


For more specialized work, such as tree management or woodworking in the garden, a sharp axe is essential.
It allows you to make precise cuts that make the job easier and preserve the health of your trees.

Tondeuse pour haies aiguisée

Hedge trimming

Keeping your hedge trimmer blade sharp is essential for clean, efficient cuts. A sharp blade reduces effort, extends tool life and promotes healthy plant growth. Maintain your hedge trimmer regularly for professional results and an impeccable garden.

Outdoor shot of garden equipment

Hire us for regular sharpening

We know that keeping a maintenance schedule for your tools can be one more task to manage.

That’s why we offer a regular maintenance program that relieves you of this worry. By signing up to our service, we’ll schedule automatic visits to sharpen your tools at regular intervals, ensuring you always have tools in top condition.

Not only is this service convenient, but it also extends the life of your tools, optimizing your investment in quality gardening equipment.

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