Surgical scissors sharpening in Montreal

Do you work in the medical field in Montreal and have noticed that the performance of your scissors leaves something to be desired? Our Montreal surgical scissor sharpening service is your solution.

At Aiguisage CL, we offer an efficient service for the professional sharpening of all types of medical scissors, in compliance with the strictest sanitary standards to ensure safety and precision.

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The types of surgical scissors we sharpen

Nursing scissors sharpening

These scissors are frequently used for cutting bandages and garments and require regular sharpening to ensure safe and effective use.

Sharpening surgical scissors for tissue incision

The precision of these scissors is vital for surgical procedures. Regular sharpening ensures clean incisions and minimizes the risk of complications.

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Dissecting scissors

Dissecting scissors play a crucial role in many surgical procedures, requiring absolute precision to separate tissue gently and without damage. Whether for dissection in the laboratory or for surgical and veterinary procedures, these tools require extreme sharpening precision. Our specialized scissor sharpening process preserves the sharpness and precision needed for fine, clean cuts, contributing to clean results and optimal healing.

Ligature scissors sharpening

Essential for cutting sutures, their efficiency is paramount for a perfect suture finish and to minimize tissue trauma.

Sharpening first aid scissors

Indispensable in first-aid kits, these scissors need to be ready to cut a variety of materials quickly in an emergency.

Entrust us with your surgical scissors in Montreal

We invite hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions in Montreal to benefit from our expertise in sharpening surgical scissors.
At Aiguisage CL, we’re equipped to handle high volumes while guaranteeing uncompromising quality and precision. We are particularly committed to meeting agreed deadlines, ensuring impeccable punctuality that enables you to maintain the quality of your medical services without interruption.

Commit to a maintenance partnership

At Aiguisage CL, we understand that the management and maintenance of surgical instruments is crucial for medical institutions in Montreal. That’s why we offer a preventive maintenance program tailored to the specific needs of each facility.

This program not only ensures the regular sharpening of surgical scissors, but also proactively monitors their condition to prevent failures and guarantee optimum performance at all times.

Benefits of the preventive maintenance program

Regular follow-up

Schedule regular sharpening sessions based on instrument use and wear, avoiding unscheduled interruptions.


Detailed reporting

After each session, a full report on the condition of the instruments and the interventions carried out is provided, enabling traceability and continuous quality control.


Priority interventions

In case of urgent need, our program guarantees priority interventions for the sharpening of surgical scissors, ensuring that your instruments are always ready for use.


Cost optimization

Regular maintenance of your instruments can reduce long-term costs by extending their service life and minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Schedule your surgical scissor sharpening in Montreal

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At Aiguisage CL, we provide surgical scissor sharpening that not only meets the requirements of your profession, but also the highest health standards, ensuring safety and efficiency for all your medical needs.

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