Paper Slicer Sharpening in Montreal

Who hasn’t been frustrated by a paper slicer that fails to cut sheets cleanly, leaving uneven edges and tears? Well-maintained equipment makes all the difference when it comes to precision and productivity.

At Aiguisage CL, we understand the importance of a fully functional paper cutter. That’s why among our mobile sharpening services, we offer paper slicer sharpening in Montreal to ensure your paper cutter stays as sharp as new.

Dismantling and sharpening the blades of your paper slicer

Our approach begins with meticulous disassembly of both slicer blades, taking care not to damage the internal mechanisms.

Once disassembled, the blades are carefully cleaned to remove any traces of accumulated dust, glue or paper. We then carry out a precise sharpening operation to restore edge sharpness and guarantee a clean, precise cut.

Arm adjustment for paper slicer sharpening

Arm adjustment is an essential step in the process. We set the pressure using the arm pivot to ensure smooth movement and optimum contact between the arm and the counter-blade.

This precision guarantees a clean, effortless cut, comparable to that of a new paper cutter. After reassembly and adjustment, each paper cutter is tested to ensure it is working properly before being returned to the customer.

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Maintenance tips for paper slicers

In addition to regular sharpening, here are a few tips to prolong the life of your paper slicer:

Regular cleaning

Clean blades and cutting surfaces to prevent the build-up of dust and glue, which can dull the blade.

Checking screws and parts

Make sure all screws and moving parts are tight and in good condition to avoid malfunctions.

Do not overload the blade

Observe the maximum blade capacity to avoid damage caused by overloading.

Hire us for regular sharpening

Regular maintenance of your paper slicer is important to avoid any loss of performance. A sharp blade requires less force to cut, which reduces the risk of injury from improper movement or overexertion.

At Aiguisage CL, we offer maintenance plans tailored to your needs, whether your slicer is used daily or occasionally.

What’s more, regular professional sharpening extends the life of your equipment and reduces the risk of premature wear.

Sharpen your paper slicer with Aiguisage-CL!

Don’t let a dull paper slicer affect your productivity. For paper trencher sharpening services in Montreal, contact Aiguisage CL today.

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