Drop off your sharpening blades at one of our depots near you!

We understand that in-home service isn’t always the most convenient option for everyone, especially if your sharpening needs don’t meet the $80 minimum for an in-home procedure.

For this reason, Aiguisage CL has established a network of partners in related fields who serve as drop-off points throughout the region. Here’s where you can drop off your sharpening blades:

How does it work?

Select the nearest depot

Choose the most convenient depot for you from our list of partners.

Drop off your blades

Bring your blades to your chosen drop-off point. Our partners are trained to receive your tools safely and pass them on to our team of experts.


We’ll let you know as soon as your sharpened blades are ready for collection at the same drop-off point.

Sharpening request