Animal clipper blade sharpening in Montreal

Whether you’re a pet groomer, sheep and horse breeder, or veterinarian, dull blades can compromise the quality of your work and the well-being of your animals.

At Aiguisage CL, we specialize in pet clipper blade sharpening in Montreal, including A5 blades, ensuring that your tools perform as well as new ones.

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The types of pet clippers we sharpen in Montreal

We offer a high-precision sharpening service for various types of pet clippers in Montreal, covering several well-known brands such as Oster, Wahl and Andis. Our services are specifically aimed at the following professionals:

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Pet groomers

For groomers, the precision and sharpness of clipper blades are crucial to providing a perfect, stress-free cut for animals. We meticulously disassemble each blade, for a complete and precise sharpening.
Once the grooming clipper sharpening is complete, we carefully reassemble and adjust each part to ensure optimum performance. Our sharpening services enable you to maintain high grooming standards and ensure comfort and safety for your animals.

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Sheep and horse farmers depend on the efficiency of their clippers to shear animals quickly and without discomfort.
Dull grooming clipper blades can not only slow down the process, but also cause injury to animals. We sharpen your blades, so they cut cleanly and efficiently, reducing stress for the animals and improving your productivity.

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Veterinarians use clippers for a variety of medical and care procedures, requiring absolute precision. Well-sharpened blades are essential to ensure safe and comfortable interventions for animals. Our sharpening process ensures that your clippers remain sharp and reliable, ready for use whatever the circumstances.

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A5 blades

A5 blades, widely used by animal groomers, sheep and horse farms, and veterinarians, require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. At Aiguisage CL, we have mastered the art of sharpening these blades, starting with careful disassembly and detailed inspection.

We then carry out high-precision sharpening, using specialized equipment to restore the original cutting edge. After sharpening, the blades are reassembled and carefully adjusted to ensure perfect alignment and optimum performance.

This meticulous process reduces friction, improves efficiency and ensures safe use, enabling your A5 blades to deliver the clean, precise cuts essential for quality care.

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