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Tired of struggling with knives that no longer cut? Have your tools lost their youthfulness?

Aiguisage CL comes to your location and provides a lasting solution to this problem. We specialize in giving your blades a new lease of life and guaranteeing you a like-new edge for a long time to come.

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Aiguisage CL

Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Whether you have kitchen knives that struggle to cut, gardening tools and lawnmower blades that need refurbishing, or professional equipment such as surgical scissors, paper slicers, clipper blades, dissecting and surgical scissors, or miter saw blades that always need to be sharp, we have the solution.

As Montreal’s sharpening and honing specialists, we’re proud to offer a professional, fully mobile service that’s unique in the region. At Aiguisage CL, every blade gets the attention it deserves. Join the movement with our partners for sharper, safer tools today!

Our services

Our Montreal mobile sharpening service offers you a complete range of sharpening and honing services in Montreal. We handle all types of blades, with the attention to detail and expertise that set us apart.

Kitchen knife sharpening

Sharpening is not just a task, it’s an art. It requires a thorough knowledge of the different types of blade, their characteristics and the appropriate techniques for :

Standard sharpening

Depending on the quality of your blades, choose between standard sharpening for everyday blades, offering a renewed, effective cutting edge.

High-end sharpening

For top-quality blades, opt for our top-of-the-range service, with a leather strap finish and exceptional polishing paste that testifies to our expertise.


For dull blades that need special attention, our Montreal sharpening service brings your tools back to life, guaranteeing optimum sharpness. Regular sharpening of your tools is not only a question of performance, it’s also a question of safety.

A well-sharpened tool requires less force to use, reducing the risk of accidents. At Aiguisage CL, we take this very seriously, ensuring:

Precision sharpening for all types of blades, adapted to their specific use.

Advanced technology to preserve the integrity of your blades, without overheating the steel.

A mirror finish for top-quality blades

Ciseaux de couture aiguisés

Sewing scissors

Sharpening sewing scissors requires in-depth expertise in blade and thread angles. We make careful adjustments to the tips to ensure precise closure and regulate the pressure between the blades to ensure optimum use of the scissors.
Tondeuse à cheveux aiguisée


We begin by carefully disassembling the comb blade, ensuring full access for precise sharpening. Once sharpening is complete, we reassemble the blade and comb, fine-tuning the spring to ensure optimum performance.
Outils de chirurgie aiguisés

Surgical scissors

We ensure meticulous sharpening without overheating to guarantee optimum performance of your medical tools. We work with exemplary dexterity to achieve precise, fine sharpening.
Outils de jardinage aiguisés

Gardening tools

Sharpening gardening tools such as pruning shears and lawn shears requires special precision and knowledge of sharpening angles suited to the function of each tool. We also take care of lubricating and adjusting your tools, if necessary, to ensure they run smoothly and last longer.
Tondeuse à gazon aiguisée

Lawnmower blade

A properly sharpened lawnmower blade ensures a clean cut, promoting optimal healing of the grass blades. This translates into a greener lawn, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. We offer a complete service: removing the blade, sharpening it, checking its balance, then reinstalling it in the best possible condition.
Tondeuse pour haies aiguisée

Hedge trimmer

To maintain optimum efficiency, hedge trimmers - whether gasoline, electric or battery-powered - need to be sharpened regularly. We use a grinding wheel to sharpen each blade tooth on both sides, lubricating and adjusting the tool as required.
Tondeuse à gazon aiguisée

Manual mower

Sharpening manual mowers is a delicate task requiring considerable expertise. Our service includes sharpening the helical blades and realigning the fixed blade to ensure optimum operation of your ride-on mower. We pay meticulous attention to the spacing between the roller and the fixed blade to ensure optimum performance of your equipment.
Coupe-papier aiguisé

Letter opener

Who hasn't been frustrated by a paper cutter that folds sheets instead of cutting them cleanly? We dismantle the two blades, sharpen them and then reassemble them on the paper slicer. It's essential to emphasize that most of our work involves adjusting the arm for up-and-down movement. We adjust the pressure using the arm pivot to ensure adequate contact between the arm and the counter-blade, thus ensuring a precise cut, comparable to that of a new paper cutter.

Aiguisage CL se distingue par plusieurs aspects uniques :


Maitrise des angles d’affûtage

Étant un des rares service d’aiguisage et d’affûtage professionnel de la région, notre connaissance approfondie des différentes lames et notre maîtrise des angles d’affûtage nous permettent de fournir un service de haute qualité adapté à chaque outil.


Affûtage sans surchauffe d’acier

Nous maîtrisons les meilleures techniques pour aiguiser et affûter vos lames sans jamais surchauffer l’acier. Pour ce faire, nous utilisons des équipements à vitesse variable pour éviter les surchauffes qui altèrent la qualité des aciers et ainsi en préserver leur intégrité et prolongeant la durabilité de vos outils.


Polissage au fini miroir

Faites appel à Aiguisage CL, la seule unité mobile à offrir le service de polissage au fini miroir par lanière de cuir et pâte à polir sans quitter votre domicile ou lieu de travail ! nous apportons notre expertise et nos techniques spécialisées directement à vous.

Plusieurs couteaux aiguisés sur une table

Conditions and solutions for sharpening your products

To maximize the profitability of each trip, we ask for a minimum purchase, which may vary depending on your location.

If you only have a few items to sharpen, i.e. less than 6 items, you can visit one of our drop-off points yourself. We visit each of them weekly, so you can have your items sharpened even if you don’t meet our minimum purchase requirement for a trip.

What to do if you don't reach the $80 purchase?

You can drop off your items at one of our drop-off points. We drop in weekly, and there's no minimum charge!

Bring all your friends' or family's items to the same address and we'll invoice each of them!


What our customers say about us

Sandra Beaulieu
Sandra Beaulieu

"Service impeccable. Mes couteaux n’ont jamais été aussi bien affûtés. Je retournerai certainement vers eux lorsque ce sera le temps."

Francine Parenteau
Francine Parenteau

"Excellent travail, et qui plus est à domicile! Approche appropriée par courriel pour les relances deux fois par année."

Lucie Corriveau
Lucie Corriveau

"Service professionnel et de très bonne qualité. Je suis toiletteuse @spanimaux.qc et je fais affaire avec Aiguisage CL pour mes lames de rasoirs et mes ciseaux. Toujours été satisfaite :)"

Guy Tremblay
Guy Tremblay

"Nous utilisons ce service depuis plusieurs années et avons toujours été très satisfait. Merci et lâchez nous pas, on a besoin de vos services"

Mathieu Lapointe
Mathieu Lapointe

"Bon prix, service très bon et rapide, mes couteaux coupent comme dans du beurre"

Eliane Belisle
Eliane Belisle

"Bon service rapide, courtois et professionnel. Merci Cédric !"


"Rapide, professionnel et de l’excellent travail . Merci. Fast and professional, highly recommend"

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